White Cliffs of Dover hike and tour on Sat 11 Apr

UK Explorers day trip, hike, and guided tour of Dover


Saturday 11 April 2020 @ 08:00
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This amazing trip costs £ 35.00 . If you book at least 10 days early then there's a small discount.

This includes the well-organised trip, 2-way transport, guided walking tour, and some awesome travel buddies to make good friends.


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The white cliffs of Dover are an iconic symbol of Britain, facing continental Europe at the narrowest part of the channel, from where you can see the coastline of France from Boulogne to Dunkerque on a clear day. Formed around 80 million years ago from the skeletal remains of billions of sea creatures, the cliffs form a formidable barrier from invaders, rising to over 100 metres above the sea. Julius Caesar tried to land near Dover in 55 BC but was fought back by the Britons. The cliffs contain a series of hidden tunnels used by troops during the Napoleonic Wars, and later used as Winston Churchill’s military headquarters during WW2. We’ll do an 8km hike and guided tour of the town, and see many sights including the famous white cliffs, Dover Castle known as the “Key to England” due to it’s defensive significance, South Foreland lighthouse which was site of the first international radio transmission, the lookout post used by Winston Churchill, the Roman lighthouse which is one of the oldest buildings in Britain, and St Margaret-at-Cliffe from where adventurous swimmers begin their cross-channel attempts, and more.


– Visit St Margaret’s Bay and see the beach below the cliffs where cross-Channel swimmers begin their journey. – Hike over the white cliffs of Dover, taking in the fresh sea air and the view of the French coast. – Guided walking tour of the white cliffs and Dover. – See the fortifications built to protect England from invasion. – See the famous Banksy EU painting. – Relax by the sea on Dover beach, with a gorgeous view of the white cliffs and Dover Castle. – Free time to explore Dover, try some local foods, visit museums, buy souvenirs, take photos.


This is an indication of some of the things that we may see on our trip.


Bus stop "P", Inner London Crown Court, Elephant & Castle
Map & directions: https://goo.gl/maps/NCuDMeFx63QrGJP69


# 8am – We’re meeting at bus stop “P”, which is opposite the Inner London Crown Court, Newington Causeway, London, SE1 6DR. It’s near Elephant & Castle station. Map: https://goo.gl/maps/5kcWxr9x7WYfc63GA . Arrive early so we can check you off the guest list, and you can meet everyone, and board the coach. # 8.20am – Coach departs. # 10.45am – We’ll begin our hike from St Margaret’s Bay, along the white cliffs, and into Dover, where we’ll have a guided tour of the sights. # 12.30pm – We’ll have lunch on top of the cliffs. Please bring a packed lunch with you. # 1.45pm – We’ll arrive in Dover town centre, where there will be a break. # 2.30pm – You can choose to explore the town, visit museums, chill on the beach and watch the ships sailing to France, walk along the beautiful 500-metre Marina Pier, take some nice photos, go shopping at the outlet stores, and get some postcards and souvenirs. # 5.20pm – We’re meeting by bus stop “D” on Pencester Road, which is directly opposite the Poundland store. Here’s a map: https://goo.gl/maps/JpkmZGDmWAD2 . This is where the coach will pick us up from. Arrive here early so you can find it and board the coach before it leaves. # 5.35pm – Coach departs. # 7.45pm – We’ll arrive back near Elephant & Castle station in London. Then we’ll go for food & drinks nearby. Bring your government photo ID for entry into the venue.


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– Check the Transport For London website (https://tfl.gov.uk) for details of any issues on the public transport network on this date, and use the journey planner to find the best way to arrive at our morning meeting point on time. – This is an informal trip and you are free to go wherever you want. Just ensure that in the afternoon you arrive early to our meeting point to go back to London together. – You are responsible for your personal safety and your belongings at all times. – Details of our trip may be changed to ensure that our trip runs smoothly, so you should check this event description and the updates section regularly, before and during the trip. – You should buy your own travel insurance. – There are no refunds unless we cancel the trip, and places are non-transferable.


At one point during the hike, there may be an opportunity to walk down the cliff face, through the cliff, and down a ladder to the beach below. And the same way back up. This carries a possible risk of serious injury or death. You can choose not to participate in this.


By purchasing a place on this trip and/or attending, you and each of your guests, as applicable, confirm that you have read and agreed to our Terms & Conditions. Click here to read these: https://ukexplorers.co.uk/terms/


Come with us as we go on another grand day out. It’s your chance to get out of London, enjoy a well-deserved break, discover this new place, see the famous and historic sights, try some local foods, take photos of your experiences, meet lots of wonderful guys and girls, and make some good friends. Book your place now to join us on a fantastic day out!


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