Ramsgate to Margate coastal hike, Sun 18 Apr

Ramsgate to Margate coastal hike


Sunday 18 April 2021 @ 09:15
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Join us for this 17km hike along the Kent coastline, following the Viking Coastal Trail from Ramsgate to Margate. Once part of an island off the coast of England, Thanet boasts a rich past and beautiful coastline that has inspired famous authors, architects and artists, and has helped defend our nation and define our seaside culture. Starting at Ramsgate, where we’ll see the marina and walk along the pier to the lighthouse. From there we’ll hike along the chalk cliffs, along the Viking Coastal Trail and the many beaches along the coast. We’ll stop for lunch in the lovely town of Broadstairs where Charles Dickens was a frequent visitor, and relax on the sandy beach at Viking Bay to take in the fresh sea air and sounds. Then we’ll continue to the North Foreland Lighthouse, Joss Bay and Kingsgate Castle. At Botany Bay you can walk through the huge chalk arch, and then on to Margate where you can explore the old town and get some refreshments.


– Visit Ramsgate, see the marina, and walk along the piers to the lighthouse – Hike along the chalk cliffs, the Viking Coastal Trail and the many beaches along the coast – Grab lunch in the lovely town of Broadstairs where Charles Dickens was a frequent visitor – Relax on the sandy beach at Viking Bay and take in the fresh sea air and sounds – See the North Foreland Lighthouse and Kingsgate Castle as we approach Joss Bay – Walk through the huge chalk arch at Botany Bay – Explore the old town at Margate


Wasabi sushi shop, Victoria Station
Map & directions: https://goo.gl/maps/K1fWoYfT6PkVyvfS9


# 9.15am – We’re meeting by the Wasabi sushi shop inside Victoria rail station. It’s just by the ticket office. The address is: Wasabi, Unit 31, Victoria Station, Buckingham Palace Rd, London, SW1V 1JU. Map: https://goo.gl/maps/K1fWoYfT6PkVyvfS9 # 9.25am – We’ll leave the meeting point to board the train. You must arrive well before this time. # 11.40am – We arrive in Ramsgate and will head to the port and marina to begin our hike. # 1.45pm – We’ll take a lunch break at Viking Bay in Broadstairs. # 2.30pm – We’ll continue our hike. # 5.15pm – We’ll arrive at Margate, and a chance to get some refreshments. # 5.50pm – Meet at entrance of Margate Station. The address is: Margate Station, Station Approach, Margate, CT9 5AD. Map: https://goo.gl/maps/7ikPrevouVZpvTUn6 # 6.05pm – Train departs from Margate Station. # 8.15pm – We’ll arrive back at Victoria station in London.


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– Check the Transport For London website (https://tfl.gov.uk) for details of any issues on the public transport network on this date, and use the journey planner to find the best way to arrive at our morning meeting point on time. – This is an informal trip and you are free to go wherever you want. Just ensure that in the afternoon you arrive early to our meeting point to go back to London together. – You are responsible for your personal safety and your belongings at all times. – Details of our trip may be changed to ensure that our trip runs smoothly, so you should check this event description and the updates section regularly, before and during the trip. – You should buy your own travel insurance. – There are no refunds unless we cancel the trip, and places are non-transferable.


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– CLOTHING: It's always good to be prepared so we'd recommend always wearing footwear that is comfortable and supportive and suitable for walking/hiking on all terrain. The weather can change so bring some extra warm layers, a waterproof jacket, a hat and sunglasses, and it can be helpful to carry it in a light bag or rucksack. – FOOD & DRINK: Bring a large bottle of water, and for hikes you should bring a packed lunch as we may have lunch somewhere scenic and away from shops.


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