The Garden of England's castles, stately home, rivers, hills & villages, 16km hike, Sat 16 Oct

Hever to Leigh hike


Saturday 16 October 2021 @ 09:15
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Bridge, Castle, Church, Countryside, Hike, Hills, History, River, Royalty, Town, Villages, Country houses, Animals


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This includes the well-organised trip with all of the logistics and route planned, 2-way transport, and some awesome travel buddies to make good friends.


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– Enjoy a beautiful stroll through the Garden of England.
– Walk past 2 castles, a stately home, woods, hills and lovely villages.
– Explore Chiddingstone, one of the most beautiful and oldest villages in Kent, perfectly preserved, and the best example of a Tudor village left in England.
– Visit the unspoilt village of Penshurst, situated in beautiful Weald countryside.


Paperchase, London Bridge Station
Map & directions:
London Bridge Station meeting point


# 9.15am – We’re meeting by the Paperchase shop inside London Bridge rail station. Here’s a map:
# 9.20am – We’ll leave the meeting point. You must arrive well before this time.
# 10.50am – We’ll arrive at Hever and will begin our hike.
# 1.15pm – We’ll have a lunch break.
# 2pm – We’ll continue the hike.
# 5.45pm We’ll arrive back at Hever.
# 6.05pm Train departs.
# 7pm We’ll arrive back at London Bridge rail station.


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If you lose our group then click this tracking link to open Google Maps and locate us. If this doesn't work then check the itinerary on this page for where you can meet us next.

Click this link to open Google Maps and see our location:


– Check the Transport For London website ( for details of any issues on the public transport network on this date, and use the journey planner to find the best way to arrive at our morning meeting point on time.
– This is an informal trip and you are free to go wherever you want. Just ensure that in the afternoon you arrive early to our meeting point to go back to London together.
– You are responsible for your personal safety and your belongings at all times.
– Details of our trip may be changed to ensure that our trip runs smoothly, so you should check this event description and the updates section regularly, before and during the trip.
– You should buy your own travel insurance.
– There are no refunds unless we cancel the trip, and places are non-transferable.


– As an organised group we can currently run day trips and hikes with up to 30 people.
– We are still required to follow the governments Covid restrictions and this currently means we must stay in groups of maximum 6 and we must maintain social distancing from others at all times. You are personally responsible so please stay aware of this. This applies at the stations, on the trains, and also when we're outside.
– So as you arrive at our meeting point in the morning, we'll separate you so you're waiting in groups of 6.
– You should follow social distancing rules on the train.
– Please bring and wear a face mask in the stations and on the trains, and bring your own hand sanitiser gel and use this regularly throughout the day.


– CLOTHING: It's always good to be prepared so we'd recommend always wearing footwear that is comfortable and supportive and suitable for walking/hiking on all terrain. The weather can change so bring some extra warm layers, a waterproof jacket, a hat and sunglasses, and it can be helpful to carry it in a light bag or rucksack.
– FOOD & DRINK: Bring a large bottle of water, and for hikes you should bring a packed lunch as we may have lunch somewhere scenic and away from shops.


Distance: 16km
Difficulty: Easy


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