Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some questions that we’re frequently asked.


What’s included in the price?
The trip price normally includes: a well-organised trip, 2-way transport by private coach or by train, a nice group of travel buddies to enjoy the day out with, and for many trips there’s a guided walking tour so you can learn about the places we visit. If a guided walking tour is included it will be stated in the description on the event page.

What’s not included in the price?
The following aren’t included in the trip price: the entry fees for attractions (such as castles, cathedrals, Stonehenge, Roman Baths, etc), food and drink.

Do most people come on their own or with friends?
Most people come on their own, a few come with a friend. It’s fine for you to come by yourself and you’ll make some good friends on our day out.

I’m under 18 years old. Can I come on the trip?
Our trips are for adults aged 18+. Unfortunately we can’t take anyone under 18 years old. You’re welcome to come on our trips after your 18th birthday.

I want to come on a trip but it’s full. What can I do?
Some of our trips fill up a few days beforehand so it’s always best to book early. If you want to come on a trip but it’s already fully booked then message us to let us know which trip you’re interested in, and if someone cancels at short notice then we’ll let you know.

And you can look at the list of upcoming trips and book your place for the next trip to that destination.


How can I pay for the trip?
BANK CARD OR PAYPAL: The easiest and quickest way to book your place is with a bank card (debit card or credit card) or PayPal. Go to the trip page and at the bottom fill out your details, then it will ask you to choose a payment method, then you can fill in your bank card details or PayPal details. When you’ve done this correctly you’ll receive an email to let you know that your place is confirmed. If you have any problem with this then message us and we’ll help you.

BANK TRANSFER: We accept bank transfer payments from a UK bank account. We don’t accept transfers from European accounts or other international accounts. Message us if you want to pay by bank transfer and we’ll check for available places and will give you our account details. UK bank transfer payments can take around 2 hours, and once we receive your payment then we’ll message you to confirm your place.

CASH: We accept cash in advance, and you can bring this to one of our weekly social events in central London. Message us if you want to pay by cash and we’ll give you the details of where to meet us. Please note that we can’t hold places until we receive the payment.

Can I pay on the day of the trip?
All payments must be made in advance. We don’t accept payment on the day of the trip.

I only have cash but I can’t bring it to you. Is there another way to pay?
You can ask your family or a friend to pay for you online and you can give them cash.


Is it ok if I arrive a bit late in the morning?
You should aim to arrive early at the morning meeting point, so you have enough time to find us, get checked off the trip guest list, use toilets, meet everyone, and then board the coach before it departs on time. We have to stick to the schedule so can’t wait for latecomers.

Can the coach pick me up somewhere else in the morning?
For each trip we have only one departure (pick-up) point and we do ask that everyone travel with us from there.

It’s easier for me to travel directly to the destination. Can I meet you there?
Unfortunately this isn’t possible as we’ve encountered problems with this in the past. So for each trip we have only one departure (pick-up) point and we do ask that everyone travel with us from there.

What happens if it rains?
Sometimes when the forecast is rain it only rains for a short time or is only very light rain and doesn’t affect our day. If the rain does affect us then we can go somewhere suitable under cover, such as a museum or cafe, until it passes.

What should I bring on the trip?
It’s always a good idea to come prepared and here are some things that you should consider bringing: a small rucksack, clothes in case it’s hot and sunny, sunglasses, sun cream, clothes in case it’s cold and wet, umbrella, waterproof raincoat, comfortable walking shoes or trainers, some food and water for the day, mobile phone charger, some spare money, camera.

Can the coach drop me off somewhere else in the evening?
The coach can only drop us all off at one place, which is listed on each trip page. It can’t stop to drop off people at other locations.


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